Jakarta’s 2013 Flora & Fauna Exhibition


Yesterday, I went to this event called “Pameran Flora & Fauna 2013” or “The 2013 Flora & Fauna Exhibition”.  You may have guessed it from the name, this is the event where they exhibited various kind of plants and animal, most of them are on sale too. But since I live in an apartment where pets are prohibited and there is just no space for plants to grow, me and my wife are only here for the sightseeing :D



 This event is held in Lapangan Banteng, Central Jakarta. It was started on June 7th  until July 8th 2013. The venue is near my wife’s office and we pass it almost every day, but we only got the chance to visit it yesterday.


 I got to the place a bit late. The sun is already at its peak. It was too hot for my taste.


The most crowded place in an outdoor event  is usually in the shaded area or anywhere near the food stahl, the picture above is a combination of both :D


All of the photos were taken using my Fujifilm X100S. I finally got the chance to test my  X100S in broad daylight. Not really the perfect timing due to the harsh light but come to think about it, I have been only using this camera for an indoor photoshoot so I give it a go anyway.


There are various kind of fruits on sale too. They call the yellow fruit above as “Japanese Melon”…are melons in Japan really look like that?


Here are some animals on display (and on sale). The Siberian Husky looks pretty cool!


Cute little rabit..do you prefer to pet rabits or to eat them:D ?


A hedgehog?? A bit too dangerous to have it running around inside your house.


Some traditional food was also sold at that event, Kerak Telor is one of them. Kerak Telor is a traditional omelette dish where the egg is mixed with glutinous rice.


LoL on this one :))

That is all for my visit to the 2013 Flora & Fauna Exhibition. It is very unfortunante that I didn’t arrive earlier in the morning. The sun is just rapidly draining my energy :(

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